5 Ideas For Customizing Your Next Business Event

With careful planning and a healthy dose of creativity nearly every detail at your event can become a customized reflection of your brand.

From the event fliers, email invites, welcome signage, all the way to the food, beverages, and swag bags, every interaction with event attendees is an opportunity to promote your brand and your business.

Take a look at 5 of the hottest trends currently generating buzz in the event planning industry.

1. Young-At-Heart Entertainment

For an event experience your attendees will be talking about until next years, consider providing entertainment that encourages even the stodgiest of adults to let their hair down and act like a kid again.

Kid zone amusements at adult events have become all the rage in the UK and Asia. Entertainment rental companies now offer a wide range of adult-sized inflatables like obstacle courses, and sumo wrestler suits, in addition to the classic bounce houses.

Goliath-sized versions of the classic board or card games are another fun riff on this theme.

2. CatchBox Throwable Microphone

The CatchBox Throwable Microphone is precisely that, a microphone created to be thrown to and hopefully caught by each successive speaker in a large gathering where participants may not be able to be heard otherwise.

There is something about the beautiful game of catch in that loosens up even the most serious of meetings.

3. Thoughtful & Practical Take-Home Items

Take-home gifts or swag are an expected an often under-appreciated part of every event. This is one area where a little extra thought and creativity can pay-off in a big way. The keys here are thoughtfulness and practicality.

Take the time and effort to analyze your attendee list and brainstorm what kinds of items they might find useful in their day to day lives. Since take-home swag items will, of course, feature your branding and logo the more frequently recipients use them, the more brand exposure it will generate for you.

Carefully consider your attendee’s lifestyles and aim for swag that is universally useful, durable, and offers the most significant opportunity for different brand exposure.

For a great example of loot that checks off all of these boxes check out the options for the branded can, and sunglass from us imprints custom sunglasses.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are always crowd pleasers. The complementary technologies have been seen at conferences as immersive “hands-on” product training (Bosch & RapidDeco) and as an entertaining and educational immersive virtual tour experience (Budweiser).

Event planners are also turning to hologram AR to facilitate VIP speakers that may not have otherwise been able to attend.

5. Event Fliers & Invites

Whether you choose to distribute printed fliers, send out email invites, or create an event website, it is essential to keep in mind that this will be your guest’s the right first impression of your event and will set the level of interest long before attendees have had their first glimpse of your exquisitely planned event.

You will, of course, want to match the theme of your invites with the idea of your game. It is equally important that your company brand shines through loud and clear.

Browse through the stationary and branding ideas from Kristy Dickerson for an excellent example of unifying brand and theme for maximum effect.

Try a few of the ideas here to get started, or use them to inspire something all your own.